Recognizing a growing national awareness of cybersecurity issues and a need for improved career paths for those interested in training and education in this burgeoning field, the University of Baltimore will launch a Cyber Discovery Camp for high school students and teachers, June 18-23, on the UB campus. The camp is an outgrowth of the non-profit National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center, an offshoot of the Cyber Innovation Center and an effort to focus on cyber education at the primary, second and post-secondary levels. Working with NICERC and Louisiana Tech University, a model for other institutions to use to replicate the camp also will be established during this inaugural year.

At UB, the camp will consist of teams from six area high schools. Each team will include six students and two teachers (one from the math and sciences and one from the arts and humanities). Together, with experts from NICERC and faculty from the University of Baltimore, the teams will discuss cybersecurity issues in both the public and private sectors, explore cybersecurity career development, and focus on training and educational opportunities on technical aspects of the field.

The week-long residential camp will feature daily discussions and lectures, group problem-solving activities, daily challenges and awards, films, and computer programming activities.

During the camp, students will:

  • understand the history of cyberspace, cryptography and cybersecurity;
  • experience cyber applications and programs;
  • discuss social and ethical implications of the field;
  • explore cyber careers;
  • gain an appreciation for the need for cybersecurity.

High school teachers participating in the camp have already received training and are actively recruiting and coaching their student teams. They will receive a stipend for their work as well as funds for instructional materials.

The Cyber Discovery Camp is made possible by a $150,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Check out a daily video for the camp.

For more information about the Cyber Discovery Camp, contact Danielle Fowler at 410.837.6625 or

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