November 15, 2017

(Shreveport, La.) — A special visit for Shreveport, today, as the Secretary of the Air Force, Heather Wilson, makes a stop, tonight, to attend a symposium by the Air Force Global Strike Command.

She served as guest speaker.

On her way to the podium, she received a standing ovation, and what got the crowd’s next reaction is what she had to say about military funding.

“It is time to lift the sequester, as it is currently structured, and it is time to get beyond the Budget Control Act, and continuing resolutions, and fund the United States military at the level it needs to do the job that the nation is asking us to do.”

She went on to say if they go through sequestration again, she expects a freeze on hiring to happen.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards was also serving as guest speaker.

He praised the Global Strike Command on their efforts in protecting our country.

He says he is committed to making it easier for them to provide national security.