Jerry Davis, Principal of Fair Park High School will announce
the addition of three new programs to the 2012 – 2013 Fair Park High School

These additions will enhance the scholastic opportunities for
our students and the students throughout Caddo Parish enrolled in the Medical
Careers Magnet program. These enhancements will give the opportunity for
selected teachers to receive intense professional development training and for
our school to build partnerships with Bossier Parish Community College,
Louisiana Tech University and the Cyber Innovation Center. The results of these
curriculum enhancements will be felt in the classrooms and beyond.

The Fair Park High School Medical Careers Magnet program,
established in 1982, will be adding a Pharmacy Tech course to the curriculum.
This course will be in partnership with Bossier Parish Community College.
Bossier Parish Community College will be sending a professor to Fair Park High
School to teach the pharmacy tech course. This will be a dual enrollment
course, meaning the students taking the course will receive college credit for
the course while taking the course in high school. If the students in the
pharmacy tech desire, they will have the option to move on to Bossier Parish
Community College, complete their course work and receive certification as a
pharmacy tech.

In another area, Fair Park is collaborating with the Cyber Innovation Center to
add two courses to the fall curriculum. A Cyber Science course is being added
to the curriculum, along with a Stem Thread Physics course (STEM – science,
technology, engineering, mathematics). The cyber science course has an
introduction to a computer science course that uses a robotics platform to
integrate technical, political, social, historical, ethical, and legal aspects
of cyber in an evolving discipline.

The physics course will provide a hands-on, content-based
approach to math and science and highlight a systems-level understanding of
real-world applications of mathematics, science, and engineering.

Louisiana Tech University and the Cyber Innovation Center (CIC)
have partnered with NASA to develop this new, challenging, interdisciplinary
junior/senior level high school physics curriculum. Five Fair Park High School
teachers from the science and liberal arts areas are attending a week long
professional development workshop at Louisiana Tech this summer. They will be
bringing this knowledge to the Fair Park High School students in the fall of

Plans are already underway to work with the Cyber Innovation Center to add more
cyber courses to the Fair Park curriculum in the years to come.

When: The announcement will be made at 10:00 a.m., Monday, June 25, 2012.

Where: The announcement will be held in the Fair Park High School Room 103,
3222 Greenwood Road, Shreveport, LA 71109.

Additional Details: Parking will be in the Fair Park High School
bus circle for all media. Questions are encouraged at this announcement.