As cyber security emerges as a growing field, the nation has a
desperate need for educating future cyber security professionals. That’s where
Cyber Discovery Camp comes in.

Dr. Galen Turner of Louisiana Tech University says the numbers
don’t add up– and that’s why, thanks to a $2.5 million dollar grant from the
Department of Homeland Security, the Cyber Discovery Camp is spreading its
reach nationwide to fill the gap.

“To reach 2 million students by reaching 10-14,000
teachers. In order to do that, we have to work with partners at other
universities to help them understand how to implement this professional
development model on their campus,” said Dr. Turner.

“Every report says there are less than a thousand cyber
security professionals who have the skills to protect our infrastructure, and
we need 40,000.”

Tech has partnered with the Cyber Innovation Center in Bossier
City for five years to bring this experience to North Louisiana students.

G.B. Cazes with the C.I.C. said the camp exposes students to the
ideas that can lead to careers in cyber security.

“What this grant highlights– the need for that
workforce,” said Cazes. “DHS has recognized the importance of our
program, and is using it as their national model.”

Cazes says not all of the students will work in cyber security,
but they will have a better understanding of how technology impacts modern

“We want to create a cyber citizen, or digital citizen, so
they’re aware of the implications of cyber and technology in their daily lives.
So when they make decisions, they are considering the ramifications of those
decision in a cyber world,” Cazes said.

Now that the Board of Regents has approved Tech’s cyber
engineering program, Louisiana is leading all the states in this cutting edge