31 03, 2017

Rise of the I-20 Technology Corridor

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Northern Louisiana is known for its strong manufacturing, agriculture and health care sectors as well as its natural beauty and family-friendly atmosphere. However, the region is now nurturing a new and exciting sector — a booming information technology (IT) cluster that first took hold in 2001. This emerging sector is evolving into a powerhouse, generating buzz, connections [...]

22 03, 2017

With Hacking in Headlines, K-12 Cybersecurity Ed. Gets More Attention

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Amid a steady drumbeat of reports on cyber-espionage and election-related hackings, lawmakers are wrestling with questions of how to best protect the country from digital threats and address a severe shortage of skilled cybersecurity workers. That means new attention for nascent efforts to support cybersecurity education, including in K-12 schools. The National Governors Association, eight [...]